Friday, January 18, 2008

Ok, you have to ask yourself:

How much do you want to be free of your full time job, or if you do not have a job earn enough to stay out of one? How much do you want to be free?

Look, let me tell you my story. It’s a short history of my Universe.

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer at the University of Toronto and took on the most difficult programme in North America, it was called Engineering Science (and Engineering Physics before that). And I was poor before that. I had to EARN my way into the University! So I won. Why? Because I took the time to actually study. I also had the desire. So I got it. Despite having immigrated from the USSRB and being very poor even through University!

I then worked the next ten years (after graduating) for Imperial Oil (Esson/Exxon) in Canada and not just 9 to 5. I was not the best. But I had a good memory and knew I could succeed. And I did. And surpassed most in promotions. But... let’s not brag. It was slavery, although I enjoyed it.

Until I got tired of the downsizing and negative energy there (when they “merged” with Texaco, meaning they took it over). So I arranged to get fired.

And it worked.

I was now free, speeding down the highway, screaming freedom at the top of my lungs. My throat was sore for the next three or four days. But I was free.

I was so full of wanting to be free of that constrictive environment that I arranged my own firing! Can you imagine? I had to as they felt I was too valuable a resource to let go. It's a long story whick I may tell some time but I will spare you the details for now.

I was young at that time, about 33, and dropped Science Fiction for everything that is Spiritual, in nature. I could no longer read Science Fiction. I wanted to find Reality! Why was I here? Who was I really? What really is the Divine? Those were the questions running through my mind.

That's when I entered Network Marketing or MLM in 1993 after serving 10 full years at Imperial Oil Ltd.

In the meantime... I started up my career in Network Marketing with Nu Skin! They had one of the most difficult plans, but yet the most rewarding. A stair-step-breakaway! I won't go into the details, but trust me, these are far and few between now. Why? Because Company Owners had realized that they pay out the MOST to the Independent Distributors like you and me. And in a few years of working that business with Enrich International? I had a downline of over 2500 good folks and a full time pay check.

But... disaster struck. Enrich International were bought out (about 8 years after I joined) by Royal Numico (who also own Gerber Baby Foods, GNC...) and proceeded to change the compensation plan three times in a row to make sure we were making less, as in 1/3 or less of the previous earnings!

So for about 8 years I made a full time income and then all of a sudden 1/3 or less. So I had to quit that one!

So the lesson learned there? No matter how stable the Company (and that one was 10+ years stable), if it gets bought out? You will most likely lose! And Royal Numico of Gerber Baby Foods proved that.

After that I was "burned out" as an MLM leader.

I then joined Nucomm Marketing as a tech person for Comcast, one of the largest ISPs in the USA. I served in many roles over the next four years.

Then I noticed that... or had thoughts that... shucks, all those folks walking around have very few skills, compared to myself and others, and all they could do was hold down an $80 a day job, changing passwords, activating modems, doing tech troubleshooting, and I was sure that I could do far better at home, in front of my computer, over the Internet. I was sure of it! So I quit Nucomm and did just that.

That's when I decided to start a review of all the doublers/cyclers out there. They were very popular at that time. I set up a site called Soon an outfit called OWL or One World Line noticed me... and convinced me to set up a site for them. That was when was born. I created the site, was the Reviewer, and support person (and did most of the work, it turns out).

Eventually doublers died down and I launched what you now know as Why? One of the readers of my other site was whining and complaining because I was not reviewing more opportunities. It felt like he wanted me to review all opportunities on all 9 planets! Thus was born.

That's basically my history. Although pretty sparse.

Of course my BLOG was far more popular during the cycler/doubler era, and even during the hyip era, which are just ponzis in disguise.

I have turned my attention to programmes that are far more long term... and legit. And I don't mean private placements as there are still many scams in those.

But I continue to revue various opps so that I can either steer folks away from them, or if I find good ones? Steer folks to consider them. In the end it is your decision and please do not blame me. It is a minefield out there and am not responsible in the end. In fact, without my advice... you will likely lose more.

One more thing that I have lost myself in... why are you wanting to partake in all these programmes? Why? Because you truly wish to be either free of your job, or you wish to supplement it! Without loss! Right? Right.

So... I cannot guarantee you any of that. But what I do promise is that you will make more informed decisions as a result of reading my blog. I sure hope so. But I cannot control the gambler in you. That's all.

And I promise to try and present you with short term income opps and long term income opps, as I find them, review them, and approve them. But then in the end it is up to you. It's best to agree.

OK, enough rambling. The message is that you need to have that desire to be free, then focus. Do the manifesting exercise below.

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