Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to properly manifest:

Let us suppose that you wish to manifest a Cooper Yellow Mini (car) in your life. First let me explain the mechanics. First you would focus your thoughts on the object of your desire. Those thoughts about the object will then coalesce into a thought form (a form on the plane of Mind or the 5th density). Continue attention on that object will then cause astral matter (proto matter) to gather around the object on the Astral plane or 4th density. Focussing your feelings and emotion (and desire) on the object will cause the object to gather etheric matter and then physical matter around and eventually that object will manifest on the physical plane or 3rd density.

Now the above would work very well for manifesting an apple. So how about that Yellow Mini? Surely your focus and attention (and energy) is insufficient to actually manifest a physical car!? And you'd be right.

Instead what will happen is that the astral form of the Yellow Mini in your Aura will be noticed by Nature's elementals, which will then act as your agents in the world and help to get you that car, whether by you winning a lottery, or the car in a lottery, or someone buying it for you as a gift, or even getting you a job so that you can afford to lease it.

Get the picture? That's how these things work. But..... is this what you are doing? I'd say for most of you the answer is no. Why? Because most folks who do not have the money to get what they want are focussed on what? On the various games and programmes to make that money? Well, yes and no. What they are really focussed on is the money, more specifically on the lack of money! So lack expands! Do you understand this?

So here is what you do. You must engage as many of the senses of Nature that you possibly can on manifesting what you desire.

Get yourself a scrap book. Decide what it is you actually desire. Let's say it is a Yellow Mini. Go out and get a good picture of it. Paste it in your scrapbook. Every morning when you wake up look at that picture. Then picture it in your mind's eye. Do the same thing before you go to bed. If you wish, glance at it often during the day, but morning and evening should suffice (I can explain why later).

What about smell? Touch? Taste? Go to a dealership. Feel the smoothness, look at the color, smell the interior. Test drive it.

Then add those sensations to your morning and evening sessions. Then add desire... the utter need for that car!

Finally, do NOT dictate to the elementals the method of attainment. Let them handle it. Then go about your business, be it making money on the 'net or a day job. Don't focus on the money or the need for money. Instead follow the above procedure in all areas of your life: business, pleasure/leisure, family, spiritual.

Trust me this works. 15 years ago I did this to obtain a Lexus SC400 ($65K at that time).

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