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What follows is rather simplified, but it will get the concept across. For a more detailed treatment of this topic read the book Thinking and Destiny, Being the Science of Man by Harold Waldwin Percival.

I will cover only briefly a bit of background information to set the context. I again refer you to the above book if you are to fully appreciate the mechanisms being discussed.

What we call the soul receives deep impressions, as if it were etched or carved, by thoughts, and certain elementals as well as the "doer" in the physical body carry out and put into place circumstances, events, or launch thoughts that will at some point manifest or exteriorize within the physical plane of the Earth. Percival calls the soul the "breath-form", which is more descriptive than "soul" in getting across what its function is.

The breath-form lives in the involuntary part of the nervous system, while the doer (or controller of the body) lives in the voluntary part. This is a simplification, there is far more to it (for example the involvement with the brain and certain glandular structures). The breath-form can be impressed with lines of thought or thinking, which then must at some point manifest physically. So the technique would be to impress the breath-form with desired lines of thinking to produce desired results. But the desired lines of thinking with their results must be considered very carefully as to honesty, rightfulness, and necessity, for one can fool one's self only so long, one can delay the manifestation of destiny only so long (due to past deeds and thoughts which were impressed on the breath-form, even from prior lives), before that destiny is forced to manifest so that the thoughts that were created or set in motion are able to be balanced. In other words, to produce results which are most beneficial for your growth is the best approach, whether they produce joy or suffering. You must keep in mind that suffering is a means to purify (or balance out) past deeds, and such suffering may manifest as various illnesses or diseases in the body. If one simply works towards getting rid of a particular illness then it may be canceled out or suppressed for a time, but the thought behind it is powerful, and has not been balanced out, so it will manifest again as another illness. So either the disease must be allowed to run its course, which leads to the purification or balancing of the thought behind it or one must act rightly to balance the thought behind the disease (such can be done by allowing the Divine to purify it, or suffering may be required in the body to "burn it off".) But to continue with the main topic....

One more thing you should know is that the breath-form lives closer to, and is affected directly by, the senses (sight, smell, taste, and hearing; Percival does not consider feeling as a sense, it belongs to the doer, while the four senses are really elementals which interact with nature and carry impressions back to the doer), while the doer has little impact on the breath-form, except through experience, which is of the senses and therefore nature. In which case, passive thinking, being caused by impressions on the senses (as most of us, our thinking, are always concerned with objects, such as money, food, sex, and various possessions, these being perceived by the four senses are therefor part of nature and passive thinking, as opposed to active thinking). So passive thinking, being intimately related to sense objects, accumulate and leave lasting impressions, or recordings, on the breath-form (the breath-form being directly affected by the senses). Whereas active thinking is done consciously by the doer whenever one considers a topic, such as a mathematical problem, or something that one is trying to obtain. And unless the doer brings in desire into the thinking the impression on the breath-form is faint or non-existent (since feeling and desire stimulate passive thinking).

Passive thinking accumulates throughtout the days and because the breath-form is etched easier by the senses passive thinking is more powerful than active thinking in manifesting what one desires or wants. Active thinking is not continuous, at least in most of us. We have difficulty in holding attention on what we actively want so a strong impression or imprint on the breath-form is not made. This is why it is advisable in goal setting to involve desire and emotions, and the senses.

Now most people's lives are controlled by passive thinking. Passive thinking is not the sub-conscious or the unconscious. There are no such things. So it is not the sub-conscious, so-called, that makes one carry out one's goals or aspirations. It is the breath-from, or soul that does that. It acts as a robot and controls the body to produce the results (with the help of elementals in nature, attached to various desires).

By the way, I would like to point out that it is the job of elementals to take a thought or thought-form and build it into whatever disease or illness, or healthy tissue, that the thought requires or demands. Various herbs and minerals (and other substances) also have elementals attached to them (which have made them) and these can be used to counteract the illness or disease or to build up healthy tissue, but only at the right time, the right place, the right person, and the right circumstance (this is why one remedy does not always work for different people or even for the same person at different times as many things or conditions must be balanced or ready for balancing to negate the thought causing the condition).

Self-suggestion may be used to generate passive thinking, which eventually will cause active thinking to take place and a thought will be generated to produce the desired results once it is exteriorized, or manifested fully or partially on the physical plane of this Earth.

The key here is to not involve any active thinking (by the doer), or wishing, during the self-suggestion session, as to not counteract the passive thinking (mental activity counteracts passive thinking). Self-suggestion involves the repetition, out loud so as to involve the hearing sense (and read, so as to involve sight), of a formula, at least three times. Here are the general guidelines:

Repeat the formula out loud

* In the morning upon waking, as the doer portion is still relaxed.

* In the evening just before retiring as the doer releases the senses (it must be the last thing done).

The formula should be short as the object in view permits, it should have a measure, and a rhyme or cadence.

Daily repetition causes grooves of lines of thinking on the breath-form, or soul. Hence even when the doer is passively thinking on some other topic he will drift into these grooves and re-enforce the formula.

Here are two examples of formulas, the first related to health and the second to improving one's self mentally, morally, and helps in growth. The formulae must take into account the whole person, rather than addressing, for instance, a particular health condition. The reason for this is that a particular illness is manifesting as a result of a thought exteriorizing and it must be either purged within the body by fully manifesting and allowing it to go through its course, or the right action taken to balance that thought. So if one were to self-suggest, via a formula, to be rid of a particular condition it would not necessarily balance the thought producing the condition (ie. no lesson is learned, the person merely wishes to be free of that illness) and hence another illness would manifest, which the person has not taken into account, nor can, fully, as the entire matter is far too complex to manage in our limited state. So it is best to address the whole body, in lawful terms, that would allow the balancing of the thoughts swarming around the person, to whatever degree, based on lessons learned. Finally, one should endeavour to include the Light of Supreme Intelligence, or the Divine, or Truth, into the formula. Only that Light can purify or balance, and for most of us that Light is like a fog and it is hard to focus It.

"Every atom in my body, thrill with life to make me well.
Every molecule within me, carry health from cell to cell.
Cells and organs in all my systems build for lasting strength and youth,
Work in harmony together by the Conscious Light, as Truth."

"Whatever I think, whatever I do:
Myself, my senses, be honest, be true."

- the first is a formula for physical well-being and the second is for moral improvement as well as for conduct in business, from "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold W. Percival, p 392-393, ninth printing, 1981, (c) Copyright, 1995, by The Word Foundation , Inc., Dallas, Texas, 75218, USA.

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