Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Something really interesting just has happened.

One of my readers, has had an experience with his parents.. where some of his patterning came up... and instead of choosing to retaliate, he told his ego to .. basically shut up. And then he went to my blog and read what I just posted about the ego, patterns, and patterning and experienced a moment of the shutting down of the ego-mind.

In his own words:

"John, i just managed to silent the ego....the even was based on a pattern......the last two days of my stay at home my mom aways gets angry at me......the ego starts shouting at me as i should feel guilty and miserable.....this time i responded not to my mom but as if i was talking to the ego.....i noticed it was a pattern and told him that .......and also to leave me alone
5:46 PM

***"the event was based on a..............""

Well, he felt the pattern FIRST, then read my blog (what a co-incidence, eh?) and here is his comment:

"but pretty much i felt the pattern by myself
5:54 PM

then i read your blog
5:54 PM

and felt inner peace
5:55 PM

ok now i am reading the rest

Basically what happened is that he wanted to share his experience with me. But had gone to my blog first, and read exactly what was the confirmation of his experience! How co-incidental (meaning occurring at the same time) is that?

I tell you, that is even more evidence that either the Divine Exists, or there is something far more going on here than in the physical! Or both! As in, we are all connected!? Have Faith and Heart. I cannot ignore it, can you?


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