Saturday, January 5, 2008

The success of ATU or All-teamed-up

Here's a note from Joseph Shipley re the success of ATU or All-teamed-up:

I would never be this close to catching Jonothan if it was not for you, to show my appreciation and to thank you, I will be setting up my own Promotion of 5,000,000 exclusively and apart from what ATU is getting ready to do and it's not going to cost you a thing because you are a ProMember....YES!!! That's right ALL of my ProMembers will share in the traffic that we generate and that is in addition to all the other promoting that I will be and am doing...I am going to see that everyone makes money.

I have had more signups today than any other day since I have been promoting ATU, I guess it was the email that I sent earlier (if you did not read it you will find it included below), it has to be and I am so happy that you took the time to read it because I was excited and real motivated when I wrote it, but guess what you guys have me even more excited and motivated then when I wrote the 1st email, so I want to make sure that you know that I am truly grateful and will start pumping on the rotator to get you all a minimum of 3 people as fast as possible.

I want to make sure that EVERY PRO MEMBER in my lineage has a minimum of 3 Personal referrals before the BIG ad campaign breaks, That is my next goal and commitment to all of you that have up graded to PRO.

So if you are still one of the very few FREE Member left in my lineage by all means get upgraded tonight or as fast as possible because after this email goes out to you, I will start another email campaign just like the one I have just now finished.

Is there anything else that I can do to assure you that you WILL NOT lose your $35.00 Sure there is and here it is..... For everyone that Joins ATU and becomes a FREE MEMBER and completes an upgrade to PRO before 12:00 NOON Saturday I will guarantee your $35.00 so if you do not make your $35.00 back you simple send me an email along with your password and username, I will take over your position and I will send you the whole amount less any earnings you have taken to your PayPal or SafePay Account.....There is no way on earth you will ever give this back to me especially if you act now.

[js: I’ve just got off the phone with Joseph and he will enter all of my folks that have upgraded or will upgrade to Pro, before he does the advertising, so that each of you may get your three Pro’s and be in a no loss position. So upgrade now if you have not yet already. Use the link up above or just sign in if you are a free member and upgrade for the $35.]

If you missed my earlier email take a look at it again and get going tonight... [js: look at my post of yeasterday for that e-mail]

Again, Thank You Everyone!!!!!

This is going to be a Great Year!!!!!

All Teamed Up Top 50 Pro Member Referrers

All Teamed Up Member Name Total Pro Members
Johnothan Hunt 44
CJ Clark 34
Joseph Shipley 32
Gregg Wallmuller 18
Sammy Sugden 13
bruce mcnabb 9
Mark Rosen 9
Cassandra Taylor 9
Onetia White 8
John Stankiewicz 8, no 13 now! as of this post.
Paul Mitchell 7
George Phillips 7
Richard Theunissen 6
Michael Clark 6
Sharon Wilkinson 6

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