Sunday, January 20, 2008

Take Back the Internet:

This programme, surprisingly is still running! I've forgotten about it for quite a while but have come back to it. Signup is free. So there is no risk to you. Join up.

Here is all that you need to do:

Please remember that you only have to do the following 2 things to be confirmed as a member forever.

Here they are as a reminder:

1. Accept a minimum of 1 email per day or a maximum of 10 emails per day. You get to pick which emails you want to receive based on your interests. You will get one point for each email read. You must accept these for 180 days to be confirmed as a full member for life.

2. Actively read your ads daily and refer just two persons (not per day – just two total). If you refer more, then of course you will earn more points. Each referral is worth 3 points, so it is an easy way to accumulate points since this program is totally free. More points mean more ownership - and eventually more money. But one referral in your downline is mandatory to be confirmed as a full member for life.

Once again, these are our only 2 requirements for our totally free program. But please keep in mind that this is all about points. The more points you get, the higher your percentage of ownership will be. In other words, the more emails that you read and the more members that you refer – the more points you will have. And that means a higher ownership percentage. And since our program is totally free, we anticipate a huge response.

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