Monday, January 14, 2008

As you may or may not know, All-Teamed-Up are about to launch a 60 Million e-mail campaign so I have signed up a second time as Pro under one of my members. She should be pleased when she sees that. We’re all allowed to have two accounts. So now I have my two. You should think about this right now, before they launch that campaign. Here is my second id.

Oh, and once you are logged in, go to the Forum link, register yourself, and scroll down to the Team Build link. There is a poll there for the first Team Build opportunity (the first income stream) and guess what is listed as the first one to pick? SW3NEXT.COM! That’s my PlugInProfits opp by Stone Evans! That is THE ONE to choose folks! Hands down and absolutely. So do me a favor, sign in and vote for that one! (There must be a very good reason why Admin chose to list mine first! As it is not in alphabetical order. Think about that.)

Actually, I just reread all that and the one at the top is one I suggested as SW3NEXT.NET, not .com. So if I win I will get fifty bucks. Oh well. It was a nice try on my part! D’Oh! Ouch!

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