Monday, December 31, 2007


I finally went with this one.

Ok, I've ignored this one for a while. Mainly because it seemed a bit obtuse in its description of the comp plan and I was tired of these.

But I have since received at least five e-mails, trying to persuade me to have a second or third look.

I finally listened when I received two e-mails about it just today. The one that convinced me to sign up is duplicated below. Basically my upline is very active, has her own radio show, and is bound to bring in a lot of traffic and attention to the opportunity. So I am bound to profit. And... if you sign up with myself? You too will profit. It's important that in these kinds of programmes that you join with leaders and that is what am doing (at least there has to be one or more leaders in the upline).

Mrs. VIP is a well known Admin and Reviewer with high integrity. I've known of her for over a year now and respect her. Any programme that she launches is bound to succeed.

So here is that e-mail, read it and join, if you will. (But listen, if you can't afford both the subscription to the matrix and the surfing marketing packages? At least go for the matrix subscription and you will make money.) The Marketing packages are for surfing... just like in any other surf. And you can choose from three plans there. But first you will need to xfer money from your pay processor to a virtual wallet, then you can buy into the subscription and the marketing packages from that wallet. That's how it works. Ok, now go and read the below.

Read this before it goes live.

"Through the use of the program designed by "Mrsvip", a massive size group, well into the thousands, functioning as it's own group, yet recognized as individual members, will be launching. Mrsvip & v-lane Traffic services their clients in the manner of building their ranking position on the internet. The corporation's industry is in the advertising/marketing arena. It's clients desire one thing, and that is to reach a high Alexa ranking, since to do so, means profits. We as members aid in this function by analysis of specified websites.

Obviously, there is a substantial compensation available to those who come in now, as we are positioning a small group in these available top level spots.

In the next week or so, the central figure in our group, who is a very successful marketer, has an organization well into the thousands, has her own radio show, is the owner of Advertopia, and has access to over a million market leads, will be going public with this.

It is especially noteworthy to point out, that a share of the profits, will go towards helping victim's of domestic abuse.

This, to say the least, will create such rapid growth, that our matrix's will fill up in a short period of time. There is no requirement for sponsoring to make money in this 3x9 matrix, but, to do so would mean extraordinary returns.

There are three levels, which include a monthly fee, beginning at $20, $40, and $60. Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. Diamond is highly recommended as it returns the highest profits.

*****Important: Anyone can join Mrsvip, & V-lane at anytime they wish. But, what we are doing is coming in as a large group. There is a "first movers" advantage of coming in now, as when the gates are open, any spots in your matrix will filled by spillover.

How exciting is this? To get in on a ground floor opportunity before it is even launched. You have this first movers advantage. This window will be closed before the beginning of next week, no exceptions. You will only get this one shot. Instructions:

- You must first signup for an e-bullion account, simple. Goto (or STP, or the other one there)
- You will be required to input your e-bullion account number at my website, which is why you need to set up your e-bullion account first.
- Goto my website and signup. No money will be taken at this time:
- Skip the portion for now when filling out the info.
- Get your link out to as many people as possible before this goes live.

You don't realize how lucky you all are to be given this position before this goes out into the public domain.

All the best!"

js: I agree.

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