Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pay Per Play will be BIG!

Wow! I think most folks missed my one liner on PPP, or Pay Per Play! This is GOING TO BE BIG! Best sign up now for free! You will be able to earn money from just having a 5 second audio on your site or web page! There will be no links, no banners, nothing! When folks visit your page, they will hear a five second commercial. This is the new wave that is going to take lots of bucks away from Television Advertising! And you can benefit. So look at the next sentence, click on the links, read, and join! I kid you not. Ok, the page may be down... so come back later and try it again.

This one is going to be really hot. It’s already heating up. It’s all about PPP, or Pay Per Play. Read about it.

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