Thursday, December 27, 2007

Advertising venues have yielded best results for me...

Ok, I'd like to talk about which advertising venues have yielded best results and which have been just.... losers! For me.

Avoid Craigslist like the plague, especially if you are advertising Business Opportunities. First they make the link to that very obscure, then placing ads there in no way makes your site get ranked higher because they use the rel="nofollow" html tag to inform Google and others NOT to crawl to your link and rate your site.

I have had zero results with them. Of course I have not placed any ads in the other categories, mostly because my ads do not address those other categories.

Instead, is much better! But best you be careful in this one. List only one advert in one city on one day with a unique link. Do not list others in the same city until the others have expired.

And am very impressed with, the upgraded version. There are so many good options there and serious advertisers and seekers. Now this is a very nice traffic exchange. They pretty well force folks to read other folks' ads (if that were the wish of the folks posting those ads) before they can proceed further. I am expecting that we will get more targeted folks visiting our sites as a result of this.

Ok, and I have beef with a current ad that is going around advertising this site: BlastYourAd. Why? Can you believe this guy (or gal) is pushing... guess what? Safelists! And he makes it seem as if these millions of folks that have signed up in these safelists have actually signed up to receive and READ the adverts coming from others? D’Oh!

The truth is that they have signed up to send THEIR ads to YOU and then delete YOUR ads to THEM! (Read that again for clarity.)

I know this to be true because I have been using safelists for a few years now! And know what’s going on and the tricks needed to get noticed.

So why are these folks advertising this? Because there are always new suckers coming on board who know no better! There are millions of folks that are not aware of what am revealing to you! And that is that... No one reads those ads except for the robotic email clients on each PC (and MAC) that, for the most part, delete all of the e-mails (just like in the FFAs situation! Free for Alls, that is.). And place only those ads with words in the Subject line like verify, and confirm, in a special folder.

So ... hint hint... you CAN take advantage of one loophole here (which the sellers of that e-book likely do NOT tell you about).

You see, for the most part, most of these safelist services allow you to sign up with thousands of Safelists with two accounts. One is used to receive all the junk from other folks, the other is for contacting you. The junk one will contain e-mail signup verification links... so folks are advised to set up filters and grab those ones so they can sign up effectively with the Safelists. At least with most services. There are some that circumnavigate that measure and so you're a fool to sign up with them as 99.9% of your ads will never be seen.

So what's the trick? Well, when you send out your advert to the millions out there, make sure you use the word verify or confirm in your Subject line. But be very crafty about it, or Admin may flag that as breach of contract. I've had many of my ads go through with success and got a lot of signups at (and at other programmes I’ve promoted using this technique) at this service: IpostAd. Once you sign up there? Send me a support request and I can instruct you further on my technique, as this one allows you to rotate five subject lines with the body of your text and more.

So in conclusion? You can get your site noticed, but you have to know some inner techniques. And? I will post more advertising venues that work... shortly!

Oh and lest I forget? TrafficSwarm. One of THE most successful traffic exchanges! I talk about using this one, for free, in an article below, in this very blog! So do a search on TrafficSwarm and you will find it! Hint: Look at the Christmas Day post!

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