Monday, December 17, 2007

New system.. and the whole point of it... listen up!

Listen up. The whole point of the system that I am introducing you to is to help you to build your list and as well to profit from six streams of income.

Yes, you may not have a list right now, and you may feel and think that you will not succeed at this as compared to myself or others who already have a list. This is simply not true! Again, the whole point is to help folks like yourself to get that list built! How are you going to do it alone? You haven't done it yet. So what is going to change?

What you need to do is pay attention to the advice given to you by Stone Evans, who HAS done it. He tells you where to advertise (even for free), he gives you a sales page and a special offers page, both of which grab their names and email addresses and inputs them into the AutoResponder which he pre-loads with 216 informative follow up e-mails/messages! So those do all the work for you. You don't have to talk to anyone!

I had to write that because at least one of you think that you will not succeed with this one because you need a list. I hope this is more clear now. Get the free site. Or at least get the free e-book and read it.

Now, what am I doing to promote this besides using my 9planetreviews BLOG and Alert list? Here we go:

1. I've signed up with Stone's coop for one year.

2. I've ordered 10,000 guaranteed visitors at Adminder.

3. I am not advertising in the E-zines Stone recommends until the Holidays are over. So... January!

4. Am posting in my TrafficSwarm account. Stone has produced 41 Adverts and am posting those. Am also surfing at TrafficSwarm to earn the credits I need for that without having to pay a penny. (By the way, I have simpler instructions for this one... just ask me.)

5. Am using the 3HourProfits advice and I have modified Stone's 41 adverts (above) to all the free sites I learned about from 3HourProfits (and I can give you those, as I've done all the editing and all you need to do is go to, set up a free account, setup one tracking link for each of the venues, like and then go and post all the free ads while watching James Bond, having a drink, and only posting ONE ADVERT in ONE CITY until you get to 41 cities and run out of ads. Follow this advice to the letter if you don't wish to be banned there.)

6. Am doing one lessons a day, or more from the main pluginprofits site; he has 30 days of lessons there and am on day 9 now.

7. Am not doing Adwords until January.

8. Am using the list of paying Paid To Reads from MoneyListProfits to go and do some cheap advertising. You will be amazed at the prices! I’ve spent $1.99 to send my special offers page, or my sales page (I forget which) to 20,000 polarptr readers! I’ve done the same for similar prices at four others! Results? Don’t know yet, just done it yesterday and used (free) to track the clicks. And I used e-gold to pay for those. You can too!

9. I’ve sent out the special offers page to over 1 Million opt-ins via And am doing that every couple of days, as most of them accept your ads every 7 days or so... And I use a technique to make sure that my ad does NOT get deleted, but ends up in one of their folders! I can tell you what it is... if you’re curious.

Did I miss anything? Likely.

So you see? You too can do all this, or less than this, depending on your budget (and you don’t have to do it all if this seems overwhelming; just do what you are able to do, it will, in the end, still work for you).

You can at least start free. But do join most of the six programs that appear on your free site. Success University is only $2 the first month, for instance. Leisureaudio Books are free. Once you have three or more signups, consider upgrading there. Basically Stone says do not upgrade until you have to. OK? Now go and start the ball rolling. And keep it rolling. Eventually the whole thing will be totally passive.


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