Friday, December 28, 2007


Right off the bat let me tell you: DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. Yes, I could have made a lot of money pushing this one, but I won't as I don't like it at all.

Why? Let me explain.

They tell you that this is a unique lead generation system. Unlike anything else out there. Not a Safelist, not PPC, and so on. Well they are right. Basically you sign up and then sign up four more folks, on your front line of a 4x10 matrix. If that matrix gets filled there are over one million leads.

They then send a newsletter on some kind of basis, to all those leads and on the right, just like in Google Search, the folks on that huge list will see ten adverts. One of those will be yours, on a rotation basis. So while they read the nice newsletter they may click on your advert which sends them to your site or your affiliate link.

Sounds good? On the surface. But think about it. Is that 4x10 matrix a one Company wide matrix with overspill? If it is then there is a good chance that this may work. But it is not! I read the opportunity page for this one and it is pretty clear that you get your own 4x10 matrix to fill!

Here is the proof, extracted from their opportunity page: "First, it helps you to build your own network of leads. This is your very own network of leads that you can use to promote all your future businesses!" Notice: your own network. And.... this is your very own network of leads.... OK?

Are they kidding me? Am going to fill my own 4x10 with one million prospects???? What a joke! Will you fill yours? Most folks can't recruit even 2 folks! And will that propagate down the matrix? Not likely! (Or the inability to recruit will propagate down that matrix of yours.)

Now, let's say that your own 4x10 matrix is part of a company wide huge matrix. Will your matrix get filled to even some extent? Let's examine some scenarios.

If you manage to get signed up under a leader (and it best be in one of his or her four spots) then there is some chance that you may get a few thousand folks into your matrix through overspill). But if you get signed up with someone who is unable to recruit, and they are signed up with someone similar... you're out of luck!

The ONLY way that your matrix can get some action is if your matrix is part of the Company-wide matrix and the Company, being in the top position, decides to launch an advertising Campaign and recruits a lot of folks, which get placed via spillover, from top to bottom, left to right. But.... there is NO mention of any such campaign. The plan is to fill those matrices via word-of-mouth via affiliates like myself that will use my list to get folks in.

What about those leaders with the big lists? If they are smart, they will not join this one. Why would they? After all, they can advertise their products directly to their list! Why would they go through Leadsleap when their advert will appear only once amidst a bunch of other adverts? It makes no sese.

So who the heck is going to see your advert? A few hundred? Less! And in the meantime, the owners at Leadsleap get to review Clickbank products and Paydotcom products, send that review to all of the matrices out there, and make most of the sales! Your ID's at these two affiliate houses will be rotated 50% of the time (but in your own, mostly empty, matrix)! The other 50% of the time the Leadsleap folks will make those bucks. What a clever little scheme, eh? And most folks reading their sales page will not catch on to this, that's why am publishing this review.

This one has not yet been launched. So when you get inundated (starting Jan. 17th, 2008) with offers to join this one? Remember my advice and keep away. The Leadsleap owners will only steal your lists, your prospects. I have nothing against the owners, I don't even know them. Am only reviewing what they have to offer. OK? Good.

PS: I am going to schedule the above as an ALERT for Jan. 16th, 2008. So join my ALERT list now.

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