Sunday, December 2, 2007

Avoid the following known scams

Here is a very short list of scams to avoid. Notice Swiss Cash is in there. For months I railed against them, but most folks did not listen. And lost. Big.

* Caribbean Real Estate Investment Fund (CAREIF)
* World Wise Partners Limited
* A3 Union
* Swiss Cash
* Higgins Warner Music and Entertainment
* MayDaisy E-Partner Plan Club
* F1 Investments/F1 Holdings
* Wealth Builder and Associates
* Right Vision E-Partners Private Members Club
* Strategical Alliance Investment Company
* SGL Holdings
* Partner Financials
* Kingdom Investments Unlimited International (KIUI)
* Image Consultants & Services
* Nipo Farms
* Other investment schemes not Included because of court proceedings:
* Cash Plus Group
* OLINT Corp. Limited
* Overseas Locket International Corp.
* LewFam Investments and Trading Limited
* LewFam Investments Club

Take care. And read my BLOG daily!


Matt said...


What if one of these companies provides an audit from a public accounting firm? Is there anyway to get around the audit unless the investment company actually had the investments and returns they say they do?

Thanks for your help.

js said...

Good question. But what if that "public" audit is falsified? You'd have to hire a private detective to try and find out. Depends on how much you want to risk.

Of course you can check with all the Authorities too.

Also do some thorough searching on the 'net, and even backed up pages.