Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Getting Effective (and free) Advertising

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First get yourself a free TrafficSwarm account ( http://www.trafficswarm.com/go.cgi?525421 )

As a free member you are allowed to post ten ads. Make sure that each ad uses a different link to your sales page. The easiest way to do that is to use a free service like clickaudit.com

The key here is to make sure you have at least ten ads going at any one time.

Sign in to your account and scroll to the area where your ten ads are listed. Look at the Credit Cap Used column. That column gets reset each evening. It shows how many clicks you got on each ad that day. So screen capture that display and save it. Do this for at least five days. It will show you how well your ads are doing over a period of time.

After about three or four days, look at those screen captures. If you're not getting clicks on one of your ads, adjust the ad. Maybe use a more catching Heading. Play with the description. Do this every three or four days until you are getting clicks on each ad on a consistent basis.

Now look at how many credits you have (top of the screen). TrafficSwarm takes that number and divides by how many ads you have in order to determine how often your ads will be shown. So the more credits you have, the more your ads will be shown. The more your ads are shown the greater chance of getting a signup at your sales page.

So, how do you get more credits? The cheapest way is to set your home page to the TrafficSwarm surfing page. Then sit down and surf for a half hour or more. You will accrue nearly 200 credits each half hour that you surf.

Now, if you are a Pro Member ($30/month) you will get double the credits when you surf and each month you will get an instant 2500 credits. So if you surf a half hour a day you will get 400 credits x 30 days = 12,000 credits + 2500 credits = 14,500 credits! Now your ads will be shown even MORE often.

As well, Pro Members get priority for their ads. Notice the red P beside some ads? Those belong to Pro Members. And they get shown more often.

Your Pro Membership can become free (or covered) if you have signed up a few folks to TrafficSwarm. All it takes is 6 folks on your front line, or 4 on the front, and five on the second line, and so on. Look at the payout chart on your TrafficSwarm home page (once you sign in).

As well, you can post an unlimited number of ads if you are a Pro Member. So if you're with PlugInProfits you can display all 42 ads that Stone has put together for you. I have.

So in my case, advertising at TrafficSwarm is free as my monthly fees are covered by my commissions.

Finally, never advertise a particular program or opportunity. This is where most folks fail. Always advertise a sales page that offers something for free, like a good e-book, but for the download link get their name and email address. Have that go to an Autoresponder which then sends them the link. As well, make sure that you have a few followup messages that the AR sends out over the next few days which advertises a SYSTEM that contains multiple streams of income. One such system is PlugInProfits. If you're not already with this one, then have a close look.

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