Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is Outrageous! See for your self.

* Ok, here is a blow by blow review as I watch a YouTube video where a supposed Guru discusses matters of the Spirit. I think I have ripped it apart. Go to the Spirit page to see both the video, and then watch my blog on that page giving you the blow by blow. This guy is truly a Spiritualized EGO. Nothing more. What a bunch of hogwash! And inconsistencies and so on. It should be entertaining even if you DO NOT believe in Spiritual advancement or status or the Divine breaking through to you. But it does. Despite your beliefs.

* Well, just got the insides of my toilet replaced. Took the guy four hours! I solved the final problem (being the Engineer that I am). Now... about the sink....

* Just got this response from Admin (Chris) of SurfMargin.com. And I thank Chris for the clarification.

“Actually we do not work like 12DP! We are primarily an advertising site offering bonuses to members to view membership adverts.

Secondly 12DP was what's known as a traditional surfing program. If you missed a single day of surfing during the current life of an upgrade you would lose a days "interest" and not receive the full value of your upgrade.

With Surfmargin....A Profit-Share Advertising program, you could take a whole month off from surfing and when you returned your account would be just as you had left it. You could re-commence surfing from where you left off, reach your target and get paid as though you had surfed every day. That is a much fairer and more sensible way to run a business.

Please remember we are not an investment site of any kind. We offer an opportunity to advertise your business URL's or banners or text ads. In addition if you want to view other members ads you can earn bonuses up to 136% of your ad pack purchases.

When you purchase ad packs from us you money becomes ours. There are no refunds. But we promise to deal responsibly with the advertising pool to the benefit of all members. We split this income into three parts. 1. = 10% administration and company profit share to the partners. 2.= 5% commissions pool for payment to sponsoring members. 3.= 85% for the main advertising pool which is used, at our discretion for paying member cashouts, 30% of the pool is used by the partners for short term investments and returned on maturity with full profits less any expenses.

I hope this further explanation will help you understand that we are attempting to bring some order to a very volatile and inherently dishonest but extremely dynamic market. If we get this right then the potential is absolutely incredible! That is our vision! I'm glad you are along for the ride, it should be interesting.

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Dec. 3rd (Monday)

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