Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michael Badger to raise prices and close to new signups!

Michael Badger is closing the doors to new memberships this Saturday. Why? He wants to ensure that the profit sharing pool does not get too depleted and so that we make some nice money. If you are a free member you should consider upgrading right now so that you can earn some (more) cash.

I have a fairly large downline there and I’ve noticed that most of them/you have NOT upgraded! So most of them will lose out as when he closes the doors this Saturday free members may not earn anything from the profit sharing pool (actually, this is bit confusing; how I read it is that free members will earn something, but only if the new service that he is going to launch is profitable). I believe he takes both paypal and Alert Pay. So it should not be a problem for you to go and upgrade.

Here is more info from Michael himself:

“Along with shutting down entry into the profit sharing pool after Friday, the price to upgrade to Premium membership will be increasing that day as well. If you have still not yet bought the Premium membership package, this week is your last chance to upgrade at the $37 price. Premium membership will never again be offered for $37.

As a reminder, here is what you get when you upgrade:

1. $5 off your monthly Pro membership to the new service once it is launched if you decide to join
2. Easy Organizer Plus Software
3. Quick Cash Secrets Ebook
4. eWriter Pro Software (to help you easily create PDF ebooks and articles)
5. A report on How to Rewrite Articles for $20 per hour.
6. A report on How to Earn Some Money Fast to Build Your Business
7. Million Dollar Copy Writing Secrets
8. Ongoing Premium Member bonuses, to be announced

The $37 price is still currently available in the members area. Just login to your account at and click on upgrade to find it.

The price to upgrade will be increased on Friday December 7, 2007 at midnight Eastern time.” So upgrade now!

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