Friday, December 28, 2007


Now, in contrast to the above (LeadsLeap), this one has a 2x Company forced matrix where there is not just overspill, but everyone with a referral link will help folks with their 2x10 matrices by getting folks placed equitably and earning a quick commission if the folks they refer upgrade for the one time fee (for both free members and upgraded members).

There is much more to it of course, but am going to let you read it all instead of reproducing it. All I can say is that they accept free members who CAN and WILL earn, and those who upgrade for a one time fee of $35 will earn even more. And they accept MANY pay processors, including e-gold. So that makes it easy for you.

"Important to know: Free members can earn right away also by referring new members to ATU. If their referrals upgrade to Pro Member Status, they will earn the $5 referral bonus. Once a Free member has referred 7 Pro members, they will have earned $35 in commissions and they CAN use that to upgrade into the ATU Company Matrix. Please remember though, that the longer you wait to upgrade, the more money you will be losing out on as the ATU Company Matrix builds! "

I've joined simply because I will have access to their advertising venues, so I can advertise PlugInProfits, MLP, and more. It's worth it for the one time fee. Plus am sure I will make some bucks from the Company matrix.

So this one gets a thumbs-up, while LeadsLeap gets four thumbs down.

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