Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's new? You're losing if you're promoting single programs.

What's new? Nothing. Except that I now get more and more e-mails each day, pummeling me about the hottest new scams (oops, I meant... opportunities!).... heh heh. More and more e-mail to delete, bounce, and relegate to my junk folder.

The only programmes worth joining are the ones that have been around for more than a year now (and/or are stable and paying). And these are:

- Empowerism
- SuccessUniversity
- LeisureAudioBooks
- HotConference
- LeadersClub
- Host4Profit
- 10DollarsWonder
- e2dpay

And there are a few others. But you know what? For most of those, you will NOT succeed if you advertise them individually. The key is to get a system and advertise them AT ONCE. This is the key reason why most would-be marketers fail. They choose to advertise these kinds of programmes individually, instead of as a package. With training and a system around these.

There are two system that I use, and successfully, to advertise most of these stable programmes: PlugInProfits and JustFollowOurLead. That's it. Feel free to review them both. That's the way am going.

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