Monday, December 17, 2007

Finally, a system that works, and it's free!

Am revealing this earlier than I planned. Recall my last posts where I mentioned that am testing a system that I feel will be my long term endeavor? Am going to put MOST of my resources (including money) into this one. Because it's starting to work for me just only after a few days.

Now of course, over the next few days am not expecting much activity, because of the Holidays. But this is the BEST time to plant those seeds! And come January? You should expect folks to be signing up. They have credit card bills to pay and fresh energy to get going and supplement their incomes.

You may have heard of Stone Evans? If not, what I have seen with my own four eyes, is that every time he joins a new opp? He gets to the number one spot, or pretty darn close. How? How the heck does he do it? Well he does it through the same system that you will get for free. A free website and full instructions (over thirty days, but you can accelerate) and do what he does exactly to make those thousands a month! Recurring income to boot! And step by step instructions, which are exact! I’ve checked it out!

So even though I respect folks like Ewen Chia, I feel that this system from Stone Evans is superior. And it's free to start! (And I found it after all those promotions for Ewen Chia’s stuff). So now you can get the equivalent for free. I wish I had come across that info sooner! I came across it at TrafficSwarm. More on that later.

This is the ONLY system I will focus on in the next 6 months or more. I am going to duplicate what Stone Evans did and is doing (and I've had a good start already). There is no doubt in my mind about it. (Yes, I do have another similar system going, but I've been passive there... and it is working, but I think this one has more things set up for you to succeed, including better advertising venues and methods, a complete 400 day followup e-mail autoresponder system that is loaded for you for free, and most of it will be set up for you for free.)

Now, am not going to lie to you. It will take some money on your part, if you truly want this to be passive. This includes Newbies! (As the instructions are precise and most of it is set up for you.) Because after it IS set up? It will be mostly passive. And is that not what you want?

At least check it out. Download the free e-book, it's chock full of info that matches or exceeds what is being sold out there for $47 to $197 or more. You know I do not lie. Now go.

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