Saturday, December 8, 2007

* Again, lawnchairmillionaire is a scam. I have a new update on that one in my other blog.

* Avoid Aspartame and all products containing Aspartame. It attacks the nervous system and produces identical symptoms of MS, Lupus, and other diseases. Just google it. I’ve known about this for over 10 years now. So stop consuming diet drinks, chewing gum, and other products containing it.

* "If you're paying for cable tv and not watching... you're losing money. It's simple economics." haha!

* Have a nice Saturday and do read the rest of my larger BLOG. Some info is still current. Also visit to see a condensed summary of some of my posts concerning some winning solutions.

* I almost forgot. Got an e-mail from Jimmy of Sandellandpartners... wow. Sounded very juvenile and angry. He's throwing in the towel. But still is promising not just full refunds, but twice to three times our deposits! That is very suspicious to me! Sounds like.... "hold off in tracking me down, give me a week to disappear". Sorry, but that is what it sounds like to me. There is NO reason why he should have had all of those script problems! And trouble with transferring folks to the new databases. None whatsoever! He even ignored help that was offered from at least one Database Admin and Architect! No sympathy from this blogger! Even though I have over $1.2 Grand in there with him. Let's just hope he carries through on his promises.


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