Monday, December 17, 2007

Re: The system that finally works....

Please read the post below this one first.

In answer to a question like this: "I know that I will have to lay out some money to get started but my concern is how long before I break even. You have a list to send to but I have none. Do you know anyone that has no list that is in this that is making money or at least breaking even within the first month? Is this an unrealistic expectation of me? "

This kind of question should be directed to Stone himself, or his support, and not me, who has just started and HAS a list. Am sure you understand. But.... it is all about building a list! So if you start? You have no list! Yet the system is all about building a list! You see? Unless you have mega bucks? You can’t build a list or rent a list forthwith! So you have to start somewhere! And this is where you start!

I feel for you.

And my list is very short, actually. So am not one of those Filsaime guys, you know? From what I know, you will break even if you follow the advice, and all the steps, and BE committed!

How long? That's a hard one. But I would suspect that during the Holidays it will be slow. And then, in January, folks will be coming back and looking for ways to pay off those credit cards and so on. You know? So best plant the seeds now!

This is going to take some money and/or earning credits on your side right now. So breaking even? Not likely in the first two or more months. But you must study the System... Work it! Convince yourself! Then you can make money at it. It's always this way. Let me know. I too, stand here, waiting to help you!


PS: Am not being melodramatic. I just LOVE to speak in that way! Ok? js. AND do NOT fail to read my blog every day!

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