Saturday, December 1, 2007

The one course before all others!

Here is an ALERT I sent out earlier. All of you who wish to become Affilitiates, nay SuperAffiliates, need to read this and get involved, but only if you are truly serious (how many more ponzis can you play?):

“Well isn't this turning out to be a busy few days?

Ok, I would have liked to have introduced this one to you before DJK/Google Assassin and before QuickCash, but it has launched just today, AFTER the others.

This is a training course (SuperAffiliates) replete with videos, audios, and text that shows you how to become a Super Affiliate (not a normal Affiliate) by the World's Number 1 recognized Super Affiliate: Ewen Chia (just google his name and you will see).

I have downloaded pre-launch copies of this product (but not all the videos) and am very much impressed. This is THE course that takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need to know and how to do it and where to do it, in Affiliate Marketing. And for the savvy? There are many techniques that are revealed that even they do not yet know. Oh and Ewen leaves NOTHING to chance, every step of the way is planned, tested, analysed.

Up until this product Ewen has been making millions selling other people's products, not even one of his own. Because it is easier to get started (and faster) by picking products you can sell without having to create one of your own.

Ewen was semi-retired and not in the spot light until recently. He came out of retirement, created this massive course, to teach you how to do what he did, and is still doing.

Ok, enough from me... go and read about it.

(So if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and would like to become a Super Affiliate, then this is the one to start with. Then you may go and get into DJKassassin and then, or before then, Quick Cash.) By the way, some of the other affiliates have launched their own product and collected $100K to $200K during the month of the launch, but Ewen has never launched his own product, prior to this one, and makes that kind of money each and every month (actually much more).

But please, he says only serious folks should get into his course (SuperAffiliates), because if you join, then quit after a month or two? He won't let you back in. Plus the price will be rising without any notice and we don't know when.”


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