Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes, not an original thought from me. But it took me many years of study to come to it:

I thought I should publish this for those of you who are wondering. Am I addled, or what? Maybe I have discovered something.

Well, depending on your temperament, you can go with any of the above.

On 5-Aug-08, at 9:40 PM, R wrote:


I like what you say in your blog "And many of us either forget that this world is really a dream world (meaning an apparent world appearing in the dream of the Dreamer) or we don't believe it is a dream world, so that whatever appears to happen here we take so seriously that the dream actually becomes real for us".

I wonder if this is what you think of the world or you read it from somewhere.I'd like to read more about it.Could you send me more info about it?

Thanks, R."

Yes, not an original thought from me. But it took me many years of study to come to it:

- Advaita Vedanta (Know Thyself)
- Zen Buddhism
- The Tao Te Ching
- Buddhism (touches on it)
- Ramana Maharshi (search it)
- Sri Adi Da (Da Love Ananda) ( http://www.adidam.org )
- A Course in Miracles ( http://acim.org , but plus, also the books on the right side that deal with ACIM by Gary Renard, get those first! Will save you 10 to 20 years in study of ACIM).

All agree on this. Hence I have no choice to but conclude what you quoted above. This is in fact a dream! Witness The Matrix movies, and others. You yourself are trying to tell yourself what's going on here! So look for the clues. Look for the lessons. You will soon be convinced. Maybe use a notebook?

Ponder that.

You may have a Revelation as a result. Or a Holy Moment. Or a Satori, or some Samadhi. You name it.



HermitJim said...

Hey John...always a good source of information. I appreciate it...


js said...

Thanks JIm. I was asked, so I shared.