Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey do you remember SFIpay’s e-tradexchange programme back in 2005?

It worked well for a while, then slowed down and shut down.

Well guess what? Recently they have come back. Not only have they launched DrivenRapidWealth (see below) but also! And this one gives you 300% on your buck for the old Adpacks transferred and 175% on new ones purchased.

Well, the reason am excited is that in reading Blondie’s blog today I found out from her that I can simply log in via my old username and password and discover that if I had a balance back in 2005 it will have been transferred over in the form of Adpacks into the new programme!

So I used the password recovery link, signed in, and found 3 Adpacks Active! Wow! Am I pleased or what?

You will notice that it is pretty well identical (same script) to DRW. Have a look! Either sign up fresh if you were never in the original programme or sign in with your old username and password, you may get a surprise. Click on the banner above.


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