Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prometheus Strategy Manifesto

This is not my review. But I like it. So use your own discernment before you spend your bucks.


Here goes:

I just finished going through the Prometheus Strategy Manifesto, a short 36-page report.

First off, I want to say that one thing I get tired of seeing is no name, no credibility folks trying to give expert advice. Jim McCarthy, author of the Prometheus Strategy Manifesto, however, is entirely qualified to teach this.

He is a Certified Professional Consultant with over 25 years of working with Fortune 50 companies on implementing long term business strategies. He also holds 2 Masters degrees and 8 Professional certifications.

So he's not a beginner, by any means.

That's great news as it means the content is proven (not just theory). But one reason why the above is a bit of a "bad" thing is Jim steps into all this from a lot of corporate work... which means he's used to corporate-speak. So some parts of the manifesto read like a textbook and, at times, you have to force yourself through the dry-read because you KNOW that the lessons in it are worth it.

The best way to introduce and review this report for you is to take a snippet that the author, Jim McCarthy, used in his Forward.

"If you are looking at your business as simple a set of rotating opportunities, then you are setting yourself up for failure. You will fall prey time and again to great sales copy, wonderful looking products, seductive sales pitches, and terrific looking websites."

Too many people that I know are definitely treating their business as "a set of rotating opportunities". THEY should really bite into this manifesto.

One of the primary lessons in this report is to understand the difference between a continually growing and increasingly more profitable LONG TERM BUSINESS versus just yet another way to "make money" online.

The report talks about the difference in what most people focus on (tactics) versus what only the top performer "gurus" have spent considerable time on (strategy).

Tactics can be easily copied. These are your "to do" action steps ... much of which can be spied on by your competition.

What your competitors can never see and really understand is your true long term vision: What you are working towards.

And maybe that's why this is such an important read!

Unlike the numerous reports that get sent my way, this one doesn't talk of a latest new idea that will generate X traffic or Y dollars. Those types of reports focus on yet another new tactic.

It's very rare to find THIS kind of education in the "internet marketing" marketspace. And if you're smart (which I KNOW you are), then you'll immediately realize that being among the few who studies this, you'll have a definite advantage in mindset over your competition.

I don't want to give it all away and, it's a short 36-page read so there's no point in me writing a long winded review. So I'll put it plainly: if you care about a stable, long term income then READ IT. It doesn't cost you a dime and won't take up much of your time.

When you read the manifesto, spend extra time with the "Down Board Thinking" that Jim references on page 22. I can promise you that the masses simply react to a current idea/situation and never spend time with "Down Board Thinking", though they really should.

Overall, this Strategy Manifesto was a great find. I encourage you to not just download it (as that won't get you anywhere) but to set aside the 20-60 minutes and actually review it.

Download it here:

Again, this is js: Use your own discernment on this one. It sounds very interesting to me. More interesting than most of the crap going around. At least.

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