Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: SafeAtom.com, an HYIP or a scam or both?

This HYIP pays 2% daily for 150 days.
About 6 mths old with Alexa ranking 78,220.
Dedicated server. Domain registered for 3 years - Jun 13, 2007 - Jun 13, 2010.

Ok, first, that's about 60% ROI per month. Is this really feasible outside of a ponzi? Does investing in Nuclear Power generation result in such a high ROI? Am skeptical.

Secondly, I keep seeing people posting in forums that they have put in one buck t ten bucks and are getting paid. One buck? Woohoo! Isn't that just exciting? What kind of an investment is 1 buck, even ten bucks? I want to see folks posting that they've put in a grand or more and are getting paid. Else why play in such so-called HYIPs?

They also keep using the word "investment", implying it is not a ponzi. But using such a term comes with certain obligations.

Now this is interesting. If you do a search on safe atom or safeatom, you will see a brief description and one of them says that the "founders of safe atom LLC and Istvan Kovacs, a physicist".... etc.... But if you go to the actual site you will see that the way they spell his name is: Istv·n Kov·cs

Notice the 'a' is missing. This is likely to prevent you from trying to find such a physicist. I tried, with the real spelling. I searched 90 search engines. The only Istvan Kovacs that I found is a young student who was born in 1980 and is a physicist. Certainly not the same guy. The other Istvan Kovacs' that I found were either not physicists or their research was totally unrelated to Nuclear Physics.

So what is up with that? Well, my guess is that there is no such person. It is a fictitious entity. Why are they doing this? Well, most likely because this is a ponzi. Period. And that explains the steady 2% ROI per day.

So how long will this ponzi last? That's hard to say. I think it is already through most of its lifetime. So my suggestion would be to get your money out. (Consider: it will take you another 50 days if you spend right now to get even.... will they last even another 50 days?)



HermitJim said...

Hey John...thanks for the continuing good information we find on your site. I enjoy the reviews and believe it or not, I actually do pay attention. As should we all...

Thanks again...

Ivan said...

of course it is a ponzi. the teachers in my school would laugh their asses off if they see that program.

js said...

Thanks for the kind words Jim, I do appreciate that.

Thanks again Jim.


sinip said...

Well, I'm into that one with whole $10. :-) So far (day 132) so good, I was withdrawing my money every two days or so. No problems encountered. Having in mind all the difficulties in obtaining e-gold from here, I'll be happy camper, one way or another.