Friday, August 29, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: 6dgr (six degrees)

I got this invite from Sergio re a new Social Networking Site. Before you dismiss it watch the pdf presentation below. This one appeals to adults, not teens. And it pays three levels deep on FREE signups, that's how serious they are. This one is most likely going to be the third largest Social Networking Site on the 'net.

Hint: when signing up you may get frustrated over the turing code. If you get it wrong, don't use the go back link on the next page, but use the back button so you don't have to retype all of your info, just your passwords. As well, if you see what looks like a lower case q it's most likely a 9. It took me eight attempts to sign up because of that code!

Here is the invite, with my links in there of course. Finally, if you're not in the USA, you can join, it's just that you will be able to get a debit card a few weeks later.

Programme Review of 6dgr.

PS: Sure, it's tedious signing up and filling out all that info, but if you have friends? You can make some good mula. Plus this one is attracting adults so should be good for networking.


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