Thursday, August 14, 2008

P2P warning

P2P: Folks, am not in the business of taking programmes down (unless they are true scams). I don't know for sure whether P2P is a scam/ponzi or not. What you should be concerned about, if you're in there, is that the North Dakota Securities Department is concerned that P2P is a ponzi and will take action.

See this link: P2P:

As well, P2P is offshore, hence they may be immune to the Authorities. I don't really know.

So read the info at the above link and make your move as appropriate for you.

PS: My concern is that trouble has already started brewing in at least one State of the USA. It may escalate (and it likely will). So protect your assets. (Am not in P2P but I look out for trouble on your behalf.)


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