Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: Wilkens and Brothers

This one gives you on average about 16% ROI per two weeks (they have three plans, the first starting at $50).

I've tested it myself.

There is a website but you can't check your balance from there.

To order a package go to this site: and choose your plan and pay processor. The first plan is 16.9% every 15 days ROI. SolidTrust Pay, Strict Pay and LR are accepted (links are below of you don’t have these).

When you make the payment in the comments field state: STP micronuts or SP micronuts (if for Strictpay) or LR U9573379 if Liberty Reserve. That way they know where to send the commissons. Give the same instructions to others you may pass this on to.

Your spend will not only earn each two weeks or so, but at the end of 3 months you will also get the principal back, and that's fantastic. So basically you are getting around 33% ROI or more per month. Not bad at all!

In any case, I've tried to find some dirt on them and so far have not. They've been paying and folks are happy.

I've already spent $50 in STP and will be putting in another three or so payments in order to grow my STP account.

If you don't have a StrictPay account set one up here:



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