Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hurricane in Texas? Let us pray.

* From Rick: Richard Daigle: say a prayer for us...a hurricane is making a direct path for us tonight! Judy {blondi}: am about to post about it in my blog. will send as many prayers as we can.... any chance you could put a request for prayers for the Texas Families in your BLOG, John ??? js: I should have posted this yesterday but I had taken the day off hence was unaware of it.

Well, I hope it did not hit them (does not to appear to have as yet, right now being labeled as a Tropical Storm). Now such things may seem to be harder to forgive than the apparently smaller transgressions. But remember, there really are no levels and love and forgiveness is maximal, always. --- some of this may be difficult to fathom, unless you are studying A Course in Miracles (some say this is the Christian Advaita Vedanta, or non-dualistic Teaching).

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