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PROGRAME re-REVIEW: Wilkens and Brothers

Just to show you that am not just promoting this programme for my own benefit I have done some further research.

And what am about to post does NOT mean that I do not recommend this one any longer. Am just giving you more info to help make up your mind, either way. I myself will continue to invest, despite the anomalous or evasive answers that the Admin gave to various questions posed in the key forum. Join instructions are in yesterday’s post.

I have been studying the Admin's posts in the mycashforum (link is in yesterday's post, thanks to Blondie and her blog). There are some anomalies, or, rather, the Admin is being evasive and is not answering direct questions.... directly.


As well, to Robert (Admin), no need to tell me that I should not post this in my blog. The forum in which you have posted all of your answers, below, is viewable by the public, just like my blog is. So that would be moot. Am just trying to keep my readers well-informed about their choices. And, despite all the evasiveness am going to continue to participate.

So here we go.....

Here is an example:

"Dear forum members,

Many of you have e-mailed us and wanted to know if the ROI that we offer can be attained. Yes, it can because the ROI offered is realistic, the ROI is based on the market trend and our performances in the markets. Just to elaborate; all the payments are made on time, twice a month for three months plus principal will be returned after three months. This is the promise that will never change. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. If you have any other questions, kindly e-mail us by using the "Contact Us" form on our website.

Kind Regards,

WB Client Support Team
Invest With Confidence"

Note where he says, "Just to elaborate" and goes on to elaborate on their payments and principal being returned and so on. He's not really elaborating on the key question: can the stated ROI be really attained?


Here is another anomalous or evasive answer:

Admin says that everything related to accounts is offline, for good reason (so accounts cannot be compromised I assume).

But here is a post related to withdrawals: Admin says "The earnings will be sent automatically into the e-currency account the investment was made from. In reality, you don't need to worry about pending withdrawals or delays of payments. The payment will automatically be sent into your e-currency account on the day it is due."

Now, am not just a reviewer, but I have been a programmer for many years. And when someone says that payment will be automatically sent to your e-currency account (which you used to make the spend) that to me says that .... something is indeed ONLINE as I do not know of any interface from a person's PC or MAC right to the pay processor without the use of a browser and access to records on the SERVER, meaning some info is indeed ONLINE.

Hey... am not saying he's lying. At least he's not telling the whole truth, from what he has posted. Or maybe he is not totally informed? My mind is open on that one.


AND NOW A COMMENT FROM OUR SPONSORS: "I believe in a God that does not need heavy financing." from a movie am watching, something about Fletcher. It's pretty funny.

And now back to our Reviewer: js of


Here is another evasive answer to the question of how long they have been around:

"we have members from all over the world and we have been online since 2008. If you go to our website and start reading what our project is all about, you will realize that WB is a serious investment company with realistic returns. Please send us an e-mail if you have any other questions. "

1. Since 2008? When in 2008????? It would have been easier to say since January of 2008, or March of 2008, or something! In fact, I found a second post with the same evasive answer: "Our company has been operating online since 2008. " Very very interesting.

Ah... here is an answer: "We have successfully been in business off-line since 2005. Please visit our website for more information. Thanks." So why not state that to the two previous requests on this?

2. Also notice him telling us to go to the website to find out what they are all about. Well, if you go to the website, you DO NOT find out what they are all about and how they do it. Not saying this is bad, it could be that they are being evasive because the website is visible to the public and other snoopers. Who knows?

So... let's keep going with the analysis.


Another potential spender asks how they could get the private phone number if the max spend is $2,000 when VIPs need to have 50,000$ spent? The answer basically is that they need to spend multiple times until they get to $50,000 and then request the phone number.

Well duh! Who in their right minds is going to FIRST spend the fifty grand and THEN ask for the phone number? If I were to spend fifty grand there, I'd demand the phone number first, speak with the Admin and partners there... let them convince me, or not, then spend, or not.

Just in case I get challenged on this, here is Admin's response to that question:

"You may invest or re-invest multiple times to reach the VIP minimum, plus you will receive bonus payments for all your investments. It is totally up to you how many investment you wish to have, all transactions will be handled separately. All the deposits that you make will be recorded in our data base and once you have total of $50,000 deposited all together, you can request for our private phone number by sending us an e-mail. Thanks."


You list your address as in Salinas, CA, but there is no Wilkens Brothers Inc. registered with the California Secretary of State. In what jurisdiction is Wilkens Brothers Inc. registered?

Wilkens Brothers Inc. is an online division of a much larger "PRIVATE" off-line company. Our "PRIVATE" off-line company is under a different name and its name is kept confidential for security reasons. It can only be revealed to "VIP investors." However, we are located in Salinas, CA. Thanks.


I also found out it is being operated out of California. This could mean trouble down the line. --- js

Response: "We totally understand your concerns about this issue. However, just to be safe and have peace of mind, we are now in the process of incorporating our investment company offshore. We will keep you apprised of the progress. Finally, we want to reassure all of you that Wilkens Brothers is here to stay. Thank you. "


Oh and here is a likely cheerleader (that's someone who is paid to say good things about a programme in forums; am only insinuating, not stating so beat me with a carrot):

"I would like to thank Robert for being a truthful admin......I have always recieved my gift when it was time.....also Robert is so positive and gives the little guy hope for the future in that he has stated that he will be around for a long time, and I believe he will.......he is very professioal in that he always rsponds to questions in a timely matter too! dance9bh.gif Thank you WBI for offering me a chance to better myself through you....!!!!"

And then the same cheerleader (alleged) does it again on the next page:

"Thank you Robert for the payout........always on time!!..... cool.gif Thank you for providing us an opportunity to better ourselves....... bounce.gif ......I trully believe you guys are going to be around for the long term, and hope to get to the highest gift one day.....It sure has made a lot of difference in my familie's lives...... cool.gif blush.gif Thanks Again.... " It is so clear!

And then again!:

"Robert, Thank you again for a fast payout as promised.........was paid again, but to many times to remember blush.gif Thank you for this gift you have provided us with to help our families, and friends banana.gif I am here for the long haul....."

Will wonders never cease?


Oh oh: "Further, to be a private club, according to U.S. law, you can't have over 100 members.

I wish Wilkens Brothers and investors the best of luck; I think they'll need it."

Answer: "Currently, our company is incorporated under the laws of Seychelles. There should not be any problems once the business is incorporated offshore. According to Seychelles laws, our company cannot conduct business in the country of incorporation. Thank you.

Kind Regards,


js: Is this answer confusing to you as well? So they cannot conduct business in the Country of Incorporation? That makes no sense! Why else would Companies Incorporate there then?


Alleged Cheerleader posts again: "Thank you, thank you Robert and staff.......just got paid again biggrin.gif ......payment was on time as you said.......Glad to be a part of this group banana.gif .......This is awesome, and going to be here for the long haul.........Just like it says.......Invest with the Best! cool.gif Thanks again as we continue to build a future together........... "


Ok, there is more, but I think that is enough.

CONCLUSION: Based on my analysis (above) I would have to say, and do say it, that this is most likely a ponzi and that they don't invest anywhere. As well, it is well planned and executed so that it should last another few months (so this is a much better ponzi than most out there).

So you are likely safe in spending there for now (recall they hold your principal for 3 months and you need that time to get into profit). So play as you will.


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