Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lessons in forgiveness and awakening from the Dream

I guess I forgot my forgiveness lessons entirely when I posted below about ASDCashDegenerator. Those guys were just having their own fun here in this dream world. Cheating folks out of dream money. And many of us either forget that this world is really a dream world (meaning an apparent world appearing in the dream of the Dreamer) or we don't believe it is a dream world, so that whatever appears to happen here we take so seriously that the dream actually becomes real for us.

But no dream can ever become real. So as we forget this, or don't understand this, we are unable to forgive what appears to happen here. In fact we become victims or victimizers, we get angry, we lash out, we attack our brother. But if you really knew that you were just dreaming this world, you'd know that there is no one to angry at, no victim and no victimizers. Because what is illusory cannot be real. And what is eternal cannot change.

Well enough of that for now. Just learn to use everything that appears to happen to you as a lesson to forgive. Better yet, if you learn that this is indeed a dream, then forgiveness is not necessary, as there is no one nor anything here to forgive.

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