Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I do not understand the latest commercial on TV

I do not understand the latest commercial on TV about this blown glass water-retaining moisturizer that water plants perfectly?

Basically, I don't understand it and don't believe it. They say that the drying of the soil causes the soil to release oxygen and hence the water is released (really? never heard of that).

But... hey. Yes, I understand that a vial like that needs air or oxygen to replace the liquid that is being released... but why would drying soil release oxygen? DOES IT? I doubt it. So what is going on? Or maybe I don’t recall my biology and chemistry as well as I should. You tell me.

I have never heard of that particular theory. Is it right? I doubt it. So it seems to me to be a gimmick like the pet rock.

Please correct me if am wrong!

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