Friday, August 8, 2008

DrivenToRapidWealth - Update

Ok, I have been silently making good money with the above while my blogger friends have been posting about it for quite a while now and I feel remiss at not updating you on it.

Am saying this not because I want to sign you up but because I think you should not miss out on this one (just like you should not miss out on 10DollarsWonder).

I myself use my own money to make more money (200% ROI), but two other bloggers talk about making money for free by using their AlertPay accounts, advertising those, getting commissions, and buying adpacks with that. But you know? That's a waste of time. The kind of money they are making is piddling vs. the time they put in.

So trust me, use your own money to buy the adpacks, then click on Adpacks and register your banners, text ads, and hits to your website/page/opp/referral link. You get one for each adpack and it lasts for the duration of the adpack (once it reaches 200%).

So.... to summarize: no surfing, just buy an Adpack, it matures at 200%, and you get all that advertising to boot.

Don't wait.



HermitJim said...

Hey John...good advise! Makes perfect sense to fact, this is the way I work all my programs. Thamks for the information.


js said...

No problem Jim, and thanks for visiting my blog, as always.