Friday, August 15, 2008

DeepCycler: you MUST sign back in after a spend to get approved and entered into the queue.

Those of you who are going to play in Deep Cycler please take note:

1. Set your clocks for 10 am EST if you wish to get in early and cycle early.

2. Once you cycle you will have 200% of your initial spend back, but half of that will go back in to cycle yet again. The other you can do with as you wish.

3. After you pay at your favorite pay processor you MUST sign back in to Deep Cycler (if the pay processor does not take you back or you wish to skip the countdown) so that Admin can approve your spends and enter your spends into the queue. If you forget to do this your spends will not cycle. This is a crucial point that should be remembered. Heck, I did not find out about it until this morning!

4. Spend only what you can afford to play with.

Finally note that am NOT willy-nilly recommending or promoting cyclers. I know that all cyclers fail, eventually (early or late), so there will be losers and there will be winners at this GAME.

Those of you who will play have this understanding. If you do not? Then DO NOT PLAY! I don't want to read one single complaint out of anyone about this.

Now go play. (Don't wait to sign up tomorrow, do it today, as in most cyclers time is of the essence.)

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