Friday, August 29, 2008

My own personal recipe that is supposed to be helpful

Ok, I have a new recipe:

Ever since I was infected with that Maple Leaf Foods bacterium? Am switching back over to what I used to eat.

And here is one recipe:

Buy the following:

1. Sprouts that you like, or grow your own, I will tell you how to do that later on, using plastic bags.
2.. Yve's (or some one else's) simulated hot dogs, big ones, ok? (These are healthy, made from soy bean, as is tofu)
3. Organic tomatoes (the ones that have a code starting with a 4? Genetically engineered! Sad to say, unless you get yours from a farmer? You can't avoid it.)
4. Organic cucumbers (same comment as above)
5. Sprouts, best you do your own by buying the seeds, taking a plastic bag, poking some holes in the bottom, then hanging that over our sink and adding water each day. After a few days you will have your own sprouts. So why pay for them? And hopefully they are not GMS. Of course put the seeds in the plastic bags first! Then water daily.
6. Maybe some green peppers (and/or red and/or yellow.)
7. Avocadoes! Not necessarily ripe... some will ripen and some are ripe.
8. Wraps, either whole wheat or not. The ones not are better behaved. So I prefer those. The whole wheat ones break up too much. Matters not. Not really. Ok? Consider all the other ingredients. (But the whole wheat ones make a dang mess!)

Now, take the soya hot dogs and slice them in two.

And fry them in some Olive Oil. Until they are all brown all around (or just on the sliced parts).

Now load up a wrap with all of the above ingredients and shove it down your mouth! Then chew, chew, chew. Swallow. Yummm! You can also add hot sauce, or Soya Sauce and so on. Up to you.

In any case, makes for a very good and tasty lunch or dinner!

johnski; maybe Serenity/Lydia will publish this as one of the recipes on her site???? Just wondering. Love ya!


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Lydia said...

Thanks for the recipe! I posted it with a minor change.

Hope you're feeling better!