Friday, August 22, 2008


Alrighty then. This one is free for the first account. Then $5 per year for subsequent accounts/pages to be advertised.

Basically, once you sign up for your free account you will get both a referral link (if you wish to promote this one) and also your wrapper link.

What you will be doing is advertising your favorite opps, pages, websites, affiliate products, but via the wrapper link.

The wrapper link will display the page you intended to advertise, but at the bottom it will add a ... sort of... surf bar, which allows folks to sign up with cashwrapper and so on. And YOUR site will be advertised on member sites as well. All the info is there. Just read the details.

Am trying it out.

But I warn you: DO NOT advertise links via your wrapper link that have Adsense ads on it. As that would break the rules and regulations and you may lose your account at Adsense.

So try it out. Link:

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