Saturday, October 11, 2008

Would you rather have peace than this (whatever conflict you appear to be in or perceive)?

“The idea that the choice of what we are going to perceive in the world is ours contains the only hope for peace. As long as we continue to perceive enemies, whether in China, central America, Iraq, or anywhere else, or perceive fear in any form, there is no hope of ending conflict among nations. Peace can come only when individual people change how they perceive this world and accept responsibility for what they perceive [js: thus healing the split mind by seeing as the Holy Spirit sees, and not how the ego, or split mind, sees].

The section [in A Course in Miracles] called “The Responsibility for Sight” (T-21.II), which comes later in the text, addresses this issue of accepting total responsibility for what we perceive. This focus is the great contribution that A Course in Miracles makes to the pursuit of world peace. The undoing of the world of fear cannot be accomplished simply through the dismantling of nuclear weapons, because all that would happen is that other weapons would rise to take their place. That could be a helpful place to begin certainly, but the real shift, once again, is not made in the world.

The only hope of undoing the fear in the wold lies in the minds of people who make up this world of fear -- this is the only place in which a meaningful shift can occur. ...... But, to say it one more time, this focus on the mind’s power to change is the significant gift that A Course in Miracles offers to the world. True peace is inevitable when peoples’ minds are healed of their investment in individuality and separation, and of their belief in the reality of guilt. [and the reality of the separation from the Divine.]” - from The Journey Home, chapter 4, The Attraction of Guilt, by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

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