Friday, October 24, 2008

GEM LifeStyle - am speechless on seeing this one

The fact of the matter is if you study Virtual Communites specifically Second Life you will find an incredible virtual world that already has millions of online residents.

GEM Island is going to be a powerful Web 3.0 Online Virtual Social & Business Community which will attract millions upon millions of people of which I will be able to continue to build my brand and promote my various online business opportunites and trainings. Oh, and while I'm doing that enjoying various revenue sharing pools. I will be able to build my own virtual classrooms and meeting facilities in my virtual world to give people state of art video presentations and we can seat up to 10.000 people. My interest with GEM Island is with the platform and how I can leverage it to get in front of potentially millions of people who I never had an opportunity to be in front of before. Marketers will flock from around the Globe to this Island and you can rest assure the Digital Gangster will have some prime real estate and the question is will you?

Get Positioned for free TODAY. First movers advantage !! Watch the 2-minute video here.

It is free to join prior to its launch date of October 31, 2008.

No Obligations at all !!

About GEM Lifestyle

GEM Lifestyle has been set up to build a dynamic Community with a common interest in Social Networking, Business and an Entertainment Lifestyle.

GEM Island is a new and exciting interactive entertainment and social networking portal on the Internet using Web 3.0 Technology. The project is the vision of founder Mark Campbell, who has been at the forefront of new technologies over the past decade.

Our Island - Our Rules !

Brand Yourself - Upload Your Profile - Upload Your Own Videos - Display Your Own Business for Millions upon Millions of visitors to the Island

Best Entertainment - Best Video Conference Rooms - Auditoriums up to 10.000 people

Virtual Banking in a new way - Your own Virtual office with the View and furniture you change with your remote control - Best Shopping Malls - Hotels - Real Estate to buy ...

and much, much more ...

GEM Island is being built in fully interactive 3D and will function as a virtual World where visitors can explore the environment and discover new "treasures" from day to day.

So folks? Watch the movie, Watch the movie, then go to the BUILD YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY button at bottom of page and join there for free. Get your ref link and tell others about this! You can copy what I have here or you can simply send them your link and tell them to just watch.


john said...

Hi, I have a question for John S. regarding GEM. I have tried to join under you several times; but it keeps telling me that I have the wrong turing #. I know it is correct. I simply cannot sign up. Any suggestions? John Nelson; faithful reader of all the blogs on your site.

js said...

Try the speaker symobol beside it.

That will speak it out through your speakers.

If that does not work, email me your full details as they would be entered on that panel and I will sign you up myself.

send to


Lydia said...

OK, I joined. See ya there!

js said...

Ok Lydia. It's not fully functional yet. As long as a link has a drop down when you click on it... that part works.

Later.... going out for brunch.

love, js