Monday, October 20, 2008


PROGRAMME REVIEW: CommerceBarter (.org)

Goldcoders HYIP script. - NOT Licensed, oh well. Could be one of those clones that does not need licensing. Too bad. These folks came out with the original script and these Admins won't even give them what they are due, a measly $95! It's a disgrace. Moving on.

Well I looked at the html source code and it seems the stats are static, set manually. They are not being pulled from mySQL in realtime. So the stats are fake. You can see that it is static if you simply refresh the home page a few times. The number of visitors online will not change, nor members online. Now go to another browser and sign in. Refresh the screen in the other browser. Members online should have gone up immediately by one, but does not. I tried this out with Premium Compounder, and even though the source code looks like the stats table is static, it is not. As the above tests really do change the number of members online and the visitors online changes almost with each refresh, up and down.

Now... I can stop reviewing this one because of the plans:

300% After 1 Day(Automatic Withdrawals)
500% After 2 Days(Automatic Withdrawals)
800% AFTER 3 DAYS (Automatic Withdrawals)

Ok, this one is clearly a scam. I know some of you are new to all this so I will repeat myself for the 23rd time: when you see plans like the above? Run like hell. Those are clearly impossible. They may pay out some guy that puts in five bucks, but not $500. Technical issues will develop, payments will thus be delayed (or for some other reason) and soon enough these folks will run. With your money.

By the way: Running days: 302. Chicken poop. The stats, as I said, are set manually. There is no way this one has lasted almost a year with those kinds of returns. And here is my proof:

DNS records show: Domain Name:COMMERCEBARTER.ORG
Created On: 16-Apr-2008 18:19:29 UTC

That's about 7 months old, right? From mid-april to about mid-oct. That's about 215 days or less. So how do they get off saying they are running 302 days now? See? The only one that should be running is you, the reader.

Have a nice day.


HermitJim said...

Hey John...good review! Have you noticed that some of these scammers are getting more and more brazen in their attempts to sucker people in?

Saddly, they may be doing just that in some cases. That's the reason that I posted another warning about watching your step this morning.

Some things just bear repeating, ya know?

js said...

Hey right you are Jim! These ones are brazen for sure.

Just read your post in your blog, and that's a good warning. Oh and thanks for the plug!

And my main blog is of course at

The one here, at blogspot, simply has some excerpts from my main blog. Just so folks know.

Thanks again Jim.