Sunday, October 19, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: CentAsiaDevelopment (.com)

Wow, this one looks slick. Not boring at all. The 22 year old (my conjecture) living in his mom's basement must be a very good Javascript programmer.

Here are the keywords that he is using to attract suckers to this one:

meta name="keywords" content="invest , central asian , liberty reserve , high profit , investing , chinese , weekly , daily"

Here's the intro that he posts on the site:

"Centasia Development is a leader in the construction, mineral extraction, and natural gas warehousing fields in the Central Asian republics. Providing both funding and management solutions for government contracts involving the exploitation and warehousing of the vast untapped resources of these territories, Centasia is a fast paced conglomerate in a leadership position in the region.

Invest with security and stability, as Centasia is now open to the public for additional funding sources. With your investment compiled into our construction and resource development capital pool, we will continue to help develop the Central Asia of the 21st Century!"

Now I want you to put your thinking cone on (the one that the Teacher made you put on and sit on a chair in a corner to improve your thinking ability, and memory way back in grade school). [Hey, this has a basis in fact... that cone focuses subtle energies and apparently does improve brain function... but most folks have forgotten that.]

Ok, now that you are thinking... ask yourself: "Why would a CONGLOMERATE [a large group of Companies by definition] want my five bucks? Even my $100 or more? There are enough private/Angel investors out there with deep pockets that would take them up on this and minimize the accounting and legal headaches. You see? There is not even a contract on the site! You're just expected to willy nilly give up your $5 to $10,000 without an guarantee, without any shares in the Company/Conglomerate, without signing any papers... How real can this be?

This one reminds me of a German concern that was involved in some kind of refinery (or was it mining) equipment? They were even more convincing than this one.

This one also reminds me of Premium Fund (although some of us were smart enough to make money there before they ran).

By the way, the Admin/Author keeps using the word "exploit", that could be a Freudian slip.

So where are they located?

"Our office is located at Astrakhanka, Akmola Oblast, Kazakhstan."

Kazakhstan??? Oh my. Has scam written all over it. Hi, my name is Borat. The Plot: Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson. See the trailer:

Ok, now back to CENTASIA: So this guy has an "office" in his mom's home (I don't think they have basements) in Kazakhstan and he's into exploiting the resources of the Central Asian nations? Yeah, for sure. Right. I believe him. Aha. Don't make me laugh.

"How do we know your business is legal and registered?
CENTASIA is registered in Astrakhanka, Kazakhstan, and operates from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tojikstan." Yes, but not in Central Asia, right? Right.

And get ahold of this: "Why is the Chinese translation incomplete?
We are currently working with our associates to finish the Chinese section of the site - due to the Olympics, our translator had been contracted to a different task." Really? A CONGLOMERATE cannot afford to retain their translator????? Too funny.

Ok, I think you get the picture. Stay the heck away from this one.


HermitJim said...

Hey John...At least we have to give the guy credit for coming up with a slick website. Who knows? He could probably get a job with the American Banking Industry bwcause of his gift of gab.

Thanks for pointing this one out!


js said...

You could be right Jim. Maybe we should bring this to the Attention of some Banks.. the SEC maybe even? Am sure they will consider giving him some sort of.....