Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PIXEL ADS at pixelads.9planetreviews.com

I have added the ability for everyone to add both paid pixel ads and free pixel ads. Go to this link and you will see what I mean. The PAID zone is the first area in Grey, the FREE zone is the area in blue-grey just below it. The PAID zone allows you to buy pixels at twenty five cents per block of pixels. You can create your own pixel ad on the fly or you can upload your logo or banner. Just play with it (play in the free zone first, so you get the hang of it before you decide to post your ad in the paid zone).

So for example. Click on Get Pixels up top (once you’re there). Choose the type of zone. You will be able to upload an image. Don’t worry, it gets resized to fit the number of blocks you chose for your area.

So let’s say you chose 9 blocks, a 3 x 3 block. That would cost you 0.25 x 9 = $2.25 USD (and a block that is more visible is 5 x 5 which will cost $6.25). The s/w will let you choose the shape of the Super Block, simply by using your mouse and clicking. If you choose a square block, say, then you must click every single block within that square, else holes will be left (which can make for an interesting effect but am not sure you want that, some will though).

Paid ads last for one year. Free ads last for 60 days. Is that fair? I think so. Let me know if otherwise. Use the Support link just below the blog button up top for feedback and suggestions.


Ok folks, let’s have some fun with PIXELADS at 9planetreviews.com. Be creative. Play in the FREE ZONE for now, get used to it. Create some really neat graphics and icons. Not everything has to fit into a square or a rectangle after all. Create zig zags, lines, circles, ovals, a circle with a square hole in it. And so on. Let’s see who’s the most creative. I will choose one that I really like and let you recreate that one in the paid area for free, for a full year!

Caution: when possessing a block, the next block that you place or posses has to touch the other block via a side, not an apex or corner as the software will not let you use corners to touch. But am sure some of you will be crafty enough to achieve that effect (hint: matching backgrounds creates an illusion).

If you wish to add more than one FREE pixeladvert then for each one you must use a unique (different) e-mail address.

Right now I have a FREE Zone and a PAID Zone. Am thinking of adding, at the top (so it is first to display) an ULTRA Premium Zone where the blocks cost double that of those in the PAID (Premium) Zone. Sounds good? Now go and be creative. Play. Oh and be sure to check your junk folder for the pixelad activation e-mail. I had one go to my junk folder, so I know.

News: I've added an ULTRA Premium Zone, at the top, where it will cost folks $5 per block and the advert lasts for 3 years. Why? It is the first zone that folks see when they go to the site.

The second zone is the Premium Zone at 25 cents per block and the advert lasts for one year.

The third zone is free (2 months).

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