Friday, October 31, 2008

9PlanetReviews ADVERTISING and MARKETING new site.

I have completed (I think) my new site: 9PlanetReviews ADVERTISING and MARKETING.

All of the details are on the front page. This is my first Advertising Venue that I hope to make into a big success with many folks. It’s not a surf site. But it’s pretty close. You will be able to receive SOLO adverts from other members (and send SOLO ads to those members) and you can earn points/credits by clicking on the one link at the bottom of each SOLO advert.

You can also advertise banners, not just web pages. Am just going to let you read the front page, why bore you here?

Now read closely: there are two types of memberships: FREE and Pro. Obviously the Pro memberships have more benefits and features. The cost of a Pro membership is normally fifty cents per month (wooh, that’s going to bust the bank eh?) via Paypal or AlertPay, but for the first 50 members that stampede in? FREE Pro Upgrades! For Life! Run and get your FREE Pro Upgrade Account!

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