Monday, October 20, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: AdGateWorld (.com)

This one is being heavily advertised right now and is being touted as an ASD clone.

Here is something interesting: "It's run by Professionals who were big players in ASD and know the pitfalls as they went through them."

Really!? Well rob me blind! "Know the pitfalls"???? The only real pitfall was that ASD was set up as a scam along with the other scams that the guy has run or was running! So what darn pitfalls are these so-called "Professionals" talking about? That statement is just meant to lure you in.

"....this program is operating outside of the United States which means the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) cannot interfere!" Sure. But that is no protection. If the Authorities decide to shut it down? They have very long arms.

Well, there is nothing really to review right now as they will be launching in about a month.

Here is a teaser on the site: "Stop being an unpaid viewer of daily advertisements and secure your share of the $21 Billion Dollar advertising industry."

Of course that is a lie in plain sight. A lie you say? Yes, a lie I say. How much of that 21 Billion dollar pie slice represents the advertising industry on autosurfs, surfs, and Social Network sites? Probably close to zero. Not even worth mentioning. Why? Because just think of the folks who are using those sites! They are mostly gamblers, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, and basically folks that are trying to convince folks who are also trying to convince other folks to join their programmes, matrices, MLMs, NMs, lists, and so on. In other words, they are NOT the folks who are out there shopping, trying to find products they want to buy, you know... the rest of the $21 Billion industry!

You see, that's one reason why ASD failed. They tried to bring in REAL advertisers.. .and those folks lost interest after they figured out who the Audience were. And the Audience turned out NOT the audience they were targeting! But of course, as usual, I could be way off on this... right?

So don't be fooled by such foolish statements.

Now, put all that aside. If you simply wish to advertise your particular opportunities that you are into, then sure, a site like that will do you just fine! You may even be able to make some money from it before it too collapses. To that end am probably going to play in it when it launches, just for a bit. One or two red flags and am gone (and will also tell you about it when I see those red flags). Right now they are still not yet opened, but in pre-launch, so you can't really lose anything. I’d go for it. And I did.

My link is here.

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