Monday, October 13, 2008

Critical Review of PremiumCompounder

Well, I've looked at this one before and did not join. It's only 23 days old. So am having a second look.

It uses a GoldCoders script. Compounding at various degrees is available. So you can set yours to 50% and that way withdraw money monthly to get your spend back and then you can sail away.

Am setting mine to 100% for at least a month or two to see what happens. If all goes well I should be able to add to my AlertPay account nicely. At some point I may add some e-gold.

The plans are on the front page. You don't choose them, they choose you (based on how much money you will have put in, but of course this is after the double-up 15 day plans are removed, in a couple of days from now).

They say they trade only in online real estate, meaning websites and domains and such. But they could well be a well-run ponzi. Support is apparently good and there is even a phone number to England and someone actually does answer the call (Hello? House cleaning! Just joking!).

They have this new plan that's good for who knows how much longer: Double Up or More -15 days- Deposit Returned-Limited Time Only where you can earn 200% or more ROI (not Profit!) in just 15 days. Yeah yeah yeah... I normally don't go for these... but am curious. So will risk some AP funds.

So am giving this one a go. If you wish to play, and I mean play (don't bet the farm) then go for it.

PS: One thing that is of some concern is this: - NOT Licensed. So this GoldCoders script is not licensed. What is likely the case is that they have a modified script, hence did not bother to license it... .well, others have come up with scripts that are pretty well identical to the GoldCoders Script so am not going to pass judgement. Here is an example of a good one: HYIPManager by Dennis.


ADDENDUM: Well I tried to spend via AlertPay but it did not work. Just hung. Plus they took me to an unsecured alertpay site. Kind of suspicious. Sent a note to Admin to find out why.

So then spent $20 as a test via SafePay solutions. Follow the procedure carefully. Get a notepad ready. Click on Deposit, choose the right plan, choose SafePay Solutions, then copy the sales email address into a notepad. Then click on the SafePay logo, do the transaction, copy the transaction ID into the same notepad. Go back to the site. Click on Deposit, choose Safepay solutions, same amount as before... and down below enter your Safepay account username, and then the transaction ID (oh and choose the % compounding up above) then click on Save. You will likely not have to send an email to the sales address, but I did just in case, stating how much I bought, through where, and the transaction ID. Let's see what happens.

And if the Admin comes back with a good answer re the unsecure pay link for AlertPay I may then test a larger amount in the 15 day plans via AlertPay. Stay tuned! By the way, just checked my account and the Admin has added my transaction within minutes. So looks like that procedure does work and likely you won’t have to send an email to sales.

SECOND ADDENDUM: I got a response from Admin within minutes re the AlertPay issue. Seems they can’t use a secure link due to some issue with the Security Certificate, so Admin gave me an e-mail address to send my AP funds to and then notify them of how I want to spend that (plus the Trans ID of course). I will consider that.

I also urged Admin to turn off Internal Transfer, else scammers will take advantage of that. Hope he listens. HE DID! That function is now off.

Regarding PremiumCompounder:

I was sent last Friday’s update from Support/Admin and it looks pretty good! These folks have plans! So am warming up to this one quite quickly. Oh and I did go through with the AlertPay spend (and e-gold as well).

“We have Just Finished today's payouts wow there was alot, excellent to see

There Have been many Questions regarding the transaction code.

This is a secondary password users need to select. as it created confusion this requirement has been Removed for now.

The double up plan is on sale for a couple of days still at members request.

Starting later this month the primary form of withdrawal will be check and bank wire this is to accommadate members as they start getting larger amounts avoiding possible issues with processors. We will also be adding a visa debit card. These will be on offer at $79 and are anonymous also to be introduced later this month

Should you have questions please contact us.

Kind Regards


Desmond said...

Good and honest review.Thank you.
I was trying to make a deposit for three days due to techinal problems I experience with the premiumcompounder website.I eventualy succeed to make a deposit of $200 in the compound plan through Paypal(in the meantime removed).Here my next problem started.After three no reply to my email and no deposit in my account.
I still believe and trust the plan but very disappointed.
Is there some one who have the same experience and can give advice.I don't know what to do.

js said...

Yes, hold off on further deposits and see my splash page where I tell folks to hold off on signing up and hold off on adding more money. These folks could be running right now.