Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok, here is one site I do not recommend

Ok, here is one site I do not recommend as an advertising venue:

Here is what they say:

"We use full page pop under windows, re-directed search engine listings, & full page exit windows from our TARGETED network of web sites and directories. We plug your site into our MASSIVE Network
of contributing traffic sources and the traffic is diverted to YOUR web site!"

As far as I know that's the worst kind of traffic to get. You just get hits and nothing more. And yet they want to charge you $179 for 10,000 visits! You will get far better results with rent-a-list for far less money! (see my review of that one below, yesterday)

And no, I have not tested them out, not for that kind of steep price for mostly exit traffic (and pop ups and pop unders, which folks hate).

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