Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: Billiondollargame

First, they take e-gold, Western Union, Cash, and OTHER. Minimum spend is $100 euros (about $150 USD).

This is an online game with several competitors. Your investment/spend goes towards a share or more of the Company. You can play if you choose.

"You‘ll become a co-owner of an Online-Game-Project
Usually, investors will not play themselves although they are welcome to do so.

Each player will start in a group of 16 players to chase for the price.
The goal is to collect points in several different games.
The best 8 players of each group will reach the next level and continue to compete for the main price.
The other 8 players loose their position but may rejoin the game by paying a new entry fee."

"The games are programmed specially for the events. Various plausibility checks ensure manipulation and cheat proof runs.

While the preliminary rounds will be played online, the majors/finals will be played during public Live Events. Here, players will compete for Million Dollar prices and Jackpots.
Ego-shooters, Puzzle-games, Racing-games, Reaction- and Memory Tests, i.e. different genres of games will provide a lot of fun and motivation to race for the big bucks."

"Many players will make enough money to live from it. And you, our partners will profit from all events, from marketing and merchandising. We organize events for the passionate gamer and you will participate."

Note, the above, in quotes, are from the How It Works page on their site.

Some details:

For €100 you invest, you will get profit until you earn at least US $ 50000 for each complete game series; for €500, you (may) earn at least US $ 250000; and for € 2000, you (may) earn $ 1 million and more (?).

One game series lasts about 2 - 3 years and each 3 months you’ll receive your share of the earnings (depends on how much you invested).

That's what they say.

Owners: one of the guys looks like a young Mr. Been! haha! No kidding.

Company: Games4you.tv ltd.
Developers and Managers: Ralph G. Roeske (*1949) & Roald Roeske (*1981)

The games are organized by an international business corporation (IBC).

Taking share as an investor is independent of Names, Companies and Domains. The Developers and Managers take the responsibility in relation to the shareholders.
The contract is made between Shareholder and the IBC Games4You.tv ltd.

Ok, am not going to take up blog space detailing their history... here is the page you should look at for that. http://chance.billiondollargame.tv/?page_id=6

Basically, looks like a good resume of game development. Seems pretty legit. Not sure why scammers would go this extent when most of it can be verified and if they are lying? Kiss of death.

I checked out some of the computer magazines that they list and show... and they seem to be real. Check here: http://www.skydat.de/SkydatNews/page2.htm

Just in case, let's check the DNS stuff on billiondollargame.tv and on skydat.de: One is in Texas and the other is in Germany. Not likely related. So probably not a front.

Ok, some more evidence here that these guys are the real thing:

"You noticed it throughout this Website, we’re sure you did; we do not hide behind anonymous company names, further we are very often personally reachable and we offer a fair and honest investment for those who want to be co-owner of a great internet-project.
While we were developing this Game-System and when we made tests with our simulation programs we couldn’t believe ourselves that it could be possible to make such an amount of money.

But during the last months it got clearer and clearer that with our special concept the realisation will be no vision but an actual online game system with many add-ons to keep the customers satisfied.

We are sure to attract the gamers of the world with our unique entertainment system."

"We still have a lot of work to do … finding the right commercial partners for marketing and promotion … but its a great opportunity, a great adventure, a great and welcome task!

And we are glad to have such a lot of investors already to make our visions come true."

They have chosen to register their Company in Belize. A Haven.

Games4You.tv Ltd.
Suite 5, Garden City Plaza
Mountainview Boulevard
City of Belmopan

Office service:
Rettenbachweg 12
A-4820 Bad Ischl

This page will allow you to contact them personally: http://chance.billiondollargame.tv/?page_id=7

I myself have gone in with 300 Euros in e-gold. My gut feel on this one, and reasoning is... , two thumbs up.

Here is the main link: http://chance.billiondollargame.tv/?page_id=8

Note: I don't get any commissions, I think, that is not clear. So when you're on that page, just so they know where you came from? Put in John Stankiewicz in the appropriate box there. Thanks. Do the same with your name when you spread the word about this one. You will have your downline tracked if you follow what I said. And maybe down the road they may choose to reward you for referring others. I don't know.

Here is my certificate for purchasing 300 Euros worth of shares:


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