Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Places to Advertise your opps

More Places to Advertise your opps, like PluginProfits or Private Millionaire, or whatever:

- http://revenuemagic.com/?micronuts Get 500 free credits just by joining.
- http://www.trafficswarm.com/go.cgi?525421
- http://micronuts.qassia.com/
- http://Backpage.com (place only one unique ad per city, do not place another ad in the same city until the first
one expires else you will be flagged).
- all of the surfs that you are in, like
- ASDCashgenerator ( http://www.asdcashgenerator.com/?ref=10809 )
- Mrs. VIP ( http://www.vip-globalmarketingsolutions.com/?ref=micronuts )
- 17surfpro ( http://www.17surfpro.com/new/?ref=2610 )
- TrafficEra.com ( http://www.trafficera.com/?ref=micronuts ) but they will have the ability to add/whitelist a .org
link soon.
- TrueViewTraffic: this one is quite good because it forces folks to actually read the ads
( http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=micronuts )
- http://ezinearticles.com/?cat=Internet-and-Businesses-Online:PPC-Advertising
- http://www.usfreeads.com/23315_refer.html
- http://power.becanada.com/?admin@micronuts.com
- http://www.best-host.com/cl/admin@micronuts.com.html
- http://classifieds.yahoo.com
- http://www.becanada.com/cl.htm
- http://www.citynews.com
- http://www.memail.com
- http://www.repromote.com
- http://www.totalsubmit.com/?admin@micronuts.com
- http://www.promotetips.com/?admin@micronuts.com
- http://replicate.becanada.com/?admin@micronuts.com
- http://www.cleverclassifieds.com/index.asp
- http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2006/10/20/the-best-place-to-advertise-in-your-town/
- http://salespider.com/index.php?nr=1&signup=MTUwMzIzMQ==&group=&code=9d6cd44a5dcdc8a1276d1a692fb6aa4f
- http://www.ablewise.com/?ref=micronuts
- http://www.mteadcoop.com/?micronuts
- http://www.mteadcoop.com/?micronuts
- http://www.adminder.com/go.cgi?id=micronuts
- http://www.trafficcenter.com/?ref=4004
- http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=micronuts
- http://www.waystomakemoney101.com/top_free_traffic.html
- https://www.mlmpowermarketing.com/join.php
- http://www.7daypromos.com/bonusprojoin.php?micronuts
- http://traffichoopla.com/cgi-bin/ref.cgi/44282/
- http://www.trafficera.com/?ref=micronuts
- http://www.webware.com/8300-1_109-2-0.html?keyword=Webware+100+2008
- http://www.maxviralmarketing.com/index.php
- http://digg.com/
- http://www.t2000ultra.com/?rid=20980
- http://www.adsenseeliteteam.com/
- http://www.clickvoyager.com/index.php
- http://www.detectivehits.com/index.php
- http://www.dealdotcom.com/invite/14527/
- http://www.mye-traffic.com/

You will need to copy and paste those into your address bar as am too lazy to create links for all of those. OK, I lied. I took the time to link them all. Enjoy.

You can also search (in google or yahoo) for “advertising” or “free advertising” or “paid advertising” and so on. Then go to those sites and advertise your invitation link/page, either for free or pay them to do it for you. If you pay them to do it for you then it is quite PASSIVE. This is what am doing with PlugInProfits and this one.
- more coming!

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