Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More places to advertise: well, at least one for now.

I have had outstanding results using this one for the last 3 years (this from my friend Will.) But he’s done mostly targeted e-mail ads, and am testing out the text ads, as those usually are far more effective than banner ads.


Make sure that once you have your account and have signed in, that you apply for a special invite/discount code (on the far right panel) that you can then use the save up to 70%, depending on which type of advertising you will order.
Copy and paste it into a Notepad. I went for the 25,000 mini text ad displays for $37.50 via Paypal and took one of my ads at Trafficswarm that gets the most hits as a model.

I use the above as an example. You may order less than that many impressions to test out several ads. Myself, I have tested out 40+ ads at Trafficswarm so am picking the two that get the most clicks consistently each day.

Am also testing out a mini text ad for Private Millionaire for $8.50 for 5,000 targeted views (there are 22 categories). I'll report on how that goes.

By the way, for the first add I took all 22 categories, as one never knows who will respond from the other categories when they were not even searching for “making more money”. You never know. The Business Opps category probably has a lot of competition and that’s why I did it. Learn to put your ads into even unrelated categories. Folks will notice.

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