Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Totally passive opportunity, not a ponzi or scam

Well, in the history of this blog (4+ years, I think), I have never committed 10 grand to a single invest opp. But I have today. Within 5 business days I will have my own link, no website, and I will be able to reveal this one to you only by e-mail via my ALERT SERVICE (button up top, left). But only for those of you who are serious and passive. $500 is the min entry fee.

I have been researching them and those who promote it on the net and cannot find any info that says they are a scam or ponzi. That’s all I can say for now. If you wish more info? Make sure you are on my ALERT SERVICE and I will announce it within the next few days: ALERT SERVICE.

By summer I will be making close to 10K a month from this one. You know I don’t say this lightly.

You will need a min. of $500 in e-gold, e-bullion, pecunix, LR. So start scratching. Am not selling any more e-gold as am investing what I have left in there.

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